Living in Hawaii offers many benefits, but fluctuating weather conditions can sometimes make home cooling a challenge. Whether it’s the sweltering heat or the persistent rain, finding an effective solution to maintain a comfortable home environment is essential. This is where QuietCool from Island Cooling comes in, offering a versatile and efficient way to manage your home’s temperature and humidity.

Real Stories from Happy Homeowners

Jason from Manoa shares his experience: “QuietCool works for my home rain or shine. When it’s hot, I run it to keep cool. When it’s humid, I turn it on to increase airflow.” His testimonial highlights the adaptability of the QuietCool system, which performs well under various weather conditions.

Ashley from Moanalua Gardens also praises the system’s efficiency: “I used to run a humidifier day and night. We constantly had to be taking water out of the system, plus the dehumidifier used so much electricity. We called a mold remediation specialist and they recommended Island Cooling’s QuietCool system. Rather than fight the humidity, it helps that we are working with our home’s environmental surroundings now.”

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QuietCool: A Natural Solution for Hawaiian Homes

Al Whitworth, co-owner of Island Cooling, explains that many Hawaii homes are designed to be naturally ventilated. “In the era before air-conditioning, homes were often designed to take advantage of cooling breezes and natural materials to ward off the sun’s heat.” QuietCool builds on this principle, providing additional ventilation and cooling that complements the home’s natural design.

The QuietCool system is installed in the attic with an intake on the ceiling. When activated, it draws air up and out of the home while pulling cooler air in through open windows. Unlike traditional air conditioning, QuietCool doesn’t refrigerate the air, making it highly energy-efficient and using only 20% of the power of an A/C system.

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Beyond Cooling: Additional Benefits of QuietCool

“In addition to cooling the home, the fresh air has other benefits too,” says Ivan Whitworth, Al’s brother and co-owner of Island Cooling. “QuietCool is great for taking additional humidity out of the home, plus it clears up cooking smells and pet odors too.” Ashley from Moanalua Gardens concurs: “More airflow has improved my home. I’m ready for summer heat and rainy days too!”

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