During the day the sun warms the home. We all remember that hot air rises and expands, which means that heat has to exit the home before cooler outside air can come in.   Since homes are usually closed up when we go out for the day, the heat gets trapped inside until we come back in the evening  to “air the house out”.

QuietCool is comprised of a fan installed in the  attic space of a home with an intake on the ceiling.  A timer and speed selector mounted on the wall is used to control it.  

how natural cooling system works
turn on the cool

Turning QuietCool on starts the process of exhausting heat out of the living area and blowing trapped hot-air out of the attic space.  This in turn  draws fresh air into the home through windows and open doors.

Drawing heat up and out (where it wants to go naturally) means that as it draws in fresh air, this very efficient system cools both living space and attic.

–That’s why it’s called a Whole House Fan.

Because QuietCool is ventilating your home three ways, the whole house fan system will work effectively anytime the outdoor shade temperature (ambient temperature) is in the comfort range, which is normally the case in Hawaii.

Because the system is not refrigerating air, it’s a very cost effective way to cool the home. The control switch allows it to provide on-demand ventilation when you want it, and because QuietCool works with open windows it’s a great fit for our indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Hawaii note

Homeowners may choose to channel air to create a breeze. Generally with Hawaii homes you wouldn’t want to do this during the hotter hours of the day, but try closing windows in the evening….