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2020 Big Home Building & Remodeling Show

 Get ahead of the curve by choosing a QuietCool system…
smart window awnings for hawaii

Sol-Lux Smart Window Awnings Come to Hawaii

Island Cooling LLC is proud to announce Sol-Lux Eos smart awnings…
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does hawaii need air conditioning
bia hawaii expo home show
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Whole house fans maintain ‘quiet, cool’ fresh air

Summer can be a frustrating time for homeowners trying to get…
meet the smart attic fan

Introducing To Hawaii: The First Smart Attic Fan

Avoiding a hot home is a year round challenge for Hawaii residents,…
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Summer Home Building & Remodeling Show

Home owners and builders in Oahu rely on BIA-Hawaii to connect…
bia hawaii - oahu

BIA Home Building and Remodeling Show - BIA Hawaii 2017

The BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show is a must go to…