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Whole House Fans

The Energy Efficient Alternative to A/C

The Whole House Fan is a cooling system installed in the attic of the home.  It cools by drawing hot trapped air out of the home and pulling fresh air into the living space through windows and doors.

The Whole House Fan takes advantage of natural airflow and is a perfect fit for Hawaii’s lifestyle and home construction.

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s exclusive distributor of Quiet Cool Whole House Fans.

Service With Aloha

Hawaii Based Family Business, Here to Serve

Brothers Al and Ivan Whitworth started Island Cooling in 2008 after discovering the energy efficient whole house fan and how well it performed in Hawaii’s climate. Since then, Island Cooling LLC has distributed over 1600 cooling systems throughout the state of Hawaii, cooling homes and saving energy from Hilo to Hanalei!

Customer Reviews

We Come Highly Recommended

“My goal was to find a way to make the home comfortable without having to keep all my windows and doors shut. The Whole House Fan and SolarGuard (reflective insulation) made a huge difference and was the best home investment ever.”

E Chang
E ChangKapolei, Oahu

“My only regret is not having the whole house fan installed sooner. It’s been the key element in enjoying our new house.”

Mike K
Mike KKailua

“When the whole house fans were switched on, I felt a cooling breeze being drawn into the bedrooms..My system has worked so well!”

Lani A
Lani AEwa Beach

A Proven Solution

A whole house fan provides excellent ventilation to achieve lower indoor temperatures.

Whole house fans help cool your home by pulling cool air through the house and exhausting warm air out of the house.

Get a $75 rebate on a Whole House Fan that draws cooler, outside air through your living space by pushing the hot air out of the home.


Getting Started Is Easy

The Whole House Fan saves you money, reduces energy use and cools your home. We show you how!