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I love it (Stealth4.8) and use my system every day.  If it’s a humid night, I’ll run it then as well. It was a real lifesaver during the heat of last summer; it cooled off the house without having to spend any more on electricity. While others were complaining of higher bills we didn’t see that. I don’t know what we would have done without it.

Kim & Patrick, Royal Kunia

We had a our Whole House Fans installed a few years ago.  We had fans installed in the bedrooms and living area.  We love the ease and comfort that the fans provides us since we got them. It works to cool down the house.
Island Cooling has excellent service during installation and afterwards. Your response time in contacting us back about repair matter and coming out that day is truly appreciated. We tell everyone about the fans it’s also great for our house dogs to help keep them cool.

Jan & Jay, Kailua

A great investment for our house.  We live in Mililani Mauka, so we are fortunate to have cooler temps…adding Island Cooling fans to our house has decreased the use of our AC units and has lowered our electric bill tremendously!!  Our upstairs bedrooms are no longer saunas for the entire evening.  The systems are easy to use (even the keiki know to come home crack open the windows and turn on the fans), efficient and quick results! Instant relief in our house!!

Jan S, Mililani

Since I installed my Whole House Fan system in 2011, it’s been all I’ve used to cool my home and saved me money off my electrical bills. I saved more when it came time to put in Solar [PV] by installing fewer panels. I tell everyone about it, it’s amazing how it sucks the hot air right out of my home!”

Pam S, Mililani

I run my Whole House Fan instead of my A/C and save an average of $100 per month.  It’s a great way to cool my town home!”

Kumu V, Hawaii Kai

All in all, I can see us making good use of this product.  The timer works as expected so when I came home yesterday, the house wasn’t stifling hot, as  it usually is.  And the fresh cool air in the evenings and nights have been especially great.  Thanks for all your help with this project.  I will recommend you to family and friends without hesitation!”

Andrew K, Manoa

Good Morning, The installation of the my fans are complete and I must say what a big difference, yesterday my A/C was not used at all for the first time in years with the temp in Ewa Beach soaring in the high 80’s.”

Wendy M, Ewa Beach

One of my favorite things about the fan is how it circulates the air, keeping it fresh.  Because my home is in a hot area, I use it everyday, all day. I also consider Island Cooling’s service fantastic and would recommend them to anyone.”

Jon N, Pearl City

I installed a solar powered attic fan and that helped a little, but attic fans do nothing for the air that’s in your house. Enter the whole house fan, the QuietCool is a true refinement of the whole house fan, and it’s made a huge difference in the comfort of my home. All-in-all very “cool” product that I highly recommend.

Ken D, Lihue

The contractor just left, and I’m so excited to tell you that this thing works like a dream! It is a perfect day for this [whole house]fan, as it’s cool outside, but stifling in the house. The instant Jeremy, the contractor, turned the fan on, I felt a cool air whip over my arms. It was a great feeling for a previous dead spot. I look forward to using this in the coming summer months, and I hope it works like today.”

Mathew C, Kaneohe

My home doesn’t have any natural breeze. We open the back door of the home to channel the air up to the fan.  I used to run my A/C 12-18 hours a day.  I now go months without running it. People have to see it to believe it, but it’s the best money I’ve spent”.

Ron E, Ewa Beach

I turn the fan on when I get home in the afternoon and the whole house gets noticeably cooler and breezier in a few short minutes. The weather has been rainy and humid lately, but it has been very comfortable in the house with the [whole house] fan on.”

Gary N, Waikele (From Yelp!)

Ivan, the Whole House Fan is everything you said. I rent out 2 of my townhome rooms, and we all pitch on the electric bill. The past 4 months were just over $100, down from an average $3 – 400. I can say it really works!”

Justin J, Kapolei

Really happy I purchased fan from you. It is a better quality, even better and quieter than the fans I had in Kansas. Mahalo!”

Gary H, Kapolei

I was at work when it was installed, but when I stepped into the home afterwards I noticed an immediate difference in temperature.  Our area is hot during the day, but the reflective insulation kept the heat out of the home until the air cooled down.  When the Whole House Fans were switched on, I had a cool breeze being drawn into the bedrooms from the fairways.  My system has worked so well!”

Lani A, Ewa Beach

Since I installed my Whole House Fan system in 2012, it’s been great.  Even though it’s hot here, having moving air has made all the difference. By not having to run the A/C for the pets during the day it’s also saved us money off the electric bills.  I tell my clients about it, I am definitely an advocate of Whole House Fans.”

Molly H, Waikoloa

Since installing the Whole House Fan and Solar Guard Insulation, in June of 2009, I haven’t had to use the A/C once!”

Leonard C., Manoa

The Whole House Fan has helped me be able to enjoy my Family Room again, the installation team was great!”

Irwin S., Waipio

[I feel like] I was in front of a wind tunnel when I only had the back door or awning window open and all else closed when running the fan!”

Ed W, Mililani

We are so proud of having purchased such a highly efficient system!!! The problem is … WE JUST HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO TRY OUT THE NEW A/C. Not even during the dry spell week before last!!! Your fan works too well!!! It works so well I’m wondering why I bought a new A/C?? What can I say?? THANK YOU!

Sincerely yours, Ikaika K, Kalihi

Ivan, I am really happy with the installation process. I installed the fan and grille and all went very well. The fan operation is more quiet than I expected. It really changes the air fast in the house and pushes the hot air out of the attic. Thanks for your assistance! Mahalo”

Gary H, Kailua, Hawaii

As a nurse I’m always indoors but never much liked air conditioned air and have always preferred the natural trade winds or even just a fan’s breeze. The Whole House Fan was just what our home needed and easier on our monthly budget too. Thanks Ivan.”

Mary C, Kapaa, Kauai

I’m very pleased to see a company like yours in Hawaii. Professional and friendly. My Whole House Fan is  awesome and keeps the house cool even on hot days. We don’t get much wind at my house, so when there is no breeze, I turn on the fan and just-like-dat, it’s cool.”

Loleta. – Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

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