Quiet Cool Fans

The Quiet Cool™ system includes an insulated flexible duct to move the fan up to six feet away from the ceiling grill.  This patented innovation leads to the industry’s quietest operation (as low as 44 dBa) and allows for installation in spaces that are inaccessible to traditional whole house fans.

The CFM (air moved by the fan) for the Quiet Cool fans is not as high as the belt driven Triangle Fans, but they are effective for targeted areas and can be used to zone cool a home.  For example, the smaller size is great for people looking to cool a specific area of their home, like a master bedroom or home office.

Sucking the heat out of the home already makes the Whole House Fan one of the most energy efficient ways to cool down, but as of 2012 they got better still.  Upgraded motor technology lets Energy Saver Fans use as little as 33% of other models, which means homeowners can save even more.

New from Quiet Cool is the STEALTH Energy Saver line of fans.   The newly designed ECM brushless motor provides amazing high energy efficiency. The motor is enclosed in a lightweight ABS composite housing.