How A Whole House Fan Works

Is it hotter in your home than out on your Lanai? Do you wish there was an energy efficient way to cool down? The Whole House Fan takes the heat out of your home by drawing fresh air through your living space and pushing the hot air out of your attic.

  • During the day the sun warms our homes.  By the time we come home from work it’s often 10-15 degrees warmer inside our home that out on the Lanai.
  • The Whole House Fan removes trapped heat from the living space of the home and pushes the heat out of the attic, thereby cooling the entire home.
  • A properly sized and installed Whole House Fan will cool the home by 10-15 degrees in 5-10 minutes.
  • The Whole House Fan uses a fraction of the energy of Air Conditioning. Whole House Fan units use as little as 47 watts per hour.  (Less than a 60 watt light bulb!)

Factors to Consider if a Whole House Fan is Right for You.

  • It is important to ensure there is adequate attic ventilation to allow the attic air to exhaust from the home.
  • Avoid running your fan while using the A/C, as it will pull cool air out of your home.
  • Whole House Fans are not designed to create wind-chill by blowing air on skin.  Instead, by removing hot air they allow natural breezes to enter the home. This cooler air also makes ceiling fans and oscillating fans work more effectively.
  • On days of high humidity and heat (typically 88 degrees and higher) the Whole House Fan may not be able to cool the home to a comfortable temperature.  An Air Conditioner may be a preferable cooling option on days of high heat and humidity.  Note: On days of high heat/humidity when no A/C is available running the Whole House Fan is still usually more comfortable than turning it off.


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  1. Glenn Kageyama
    Glenn Kageyama says:

    We are currently in the design stage of our tear down and rebuild of our home. It would seem that your product might be a good option for me. We were looking at only limited A/C use for only 2 bedrooms along with ceiling fans throughout. Since cealing fans only move the air around, and your product will pull the air out of the house, it would seems to result in a cooler house. Will your product be able to cool the whole house from one location, especially in far bedrooms with only a door?

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Aloha Glenn,

    The IslandFan can reduce the need for A/C, or in some homes it is the only form of cooling, it depends on your location, home and comfort levels.
    Ivan provides a free consultation service where he can asses your situation.
    In most cases, the IslandFan can be installed in one central location, pulling air from throughout the house and evacuating the hot air via the attic vents. Far away rooms would also benefit so long as the air can move and be replaced with cool outside air sources.
    Give a call to Ivan, he can help answer any questions.

  3. Sherryl
    Sherryl says:

    Do you have specs on the 3 different fans? I want to know about how much air each moves and the noise ratings of each. It would be nice to see all the specs.

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