residential services whole house fansThe weather in Hawaii varies greatly from town to town and throughout the day. Trade winds blow on the windward side while other areas are subject to no wind at all or extreme humidity caused by low cloud cover and wet rainy conditions. This is the ideal time to turn on your Island Fan and bring in some much needed cool air circulation.

If you work at home and the temperature in your office varies throughout the day, simply turn on your fan and instantly enjoy the refreshed cool air without the need for Air Conditioning.

Our residential service is popular among homes with children, seniors, stay at home moms, work at home professionals, and those that simply enjoy fresh air. Our residential service has been effective in or around the valleys, leeward areas, windward areas (when there is no breeze), town homes, large homes, ohanas, single family homes, multi-family home, rentals, new construction homes and older homes.

Give us a call or complete our free no obligation consultation form.  Give us a chance to show you how well this product works and how it will save you money.

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