commercial fan service
For commercial buildings, new construction projects, remodeling and contracting services, we can provide you with alternative cooling solutions and an inventory of products that meet building professional’s needs.

As homeowners, builders and design architects adapt to the challenges of rising energy prices, new green products and building techniques are gaining importance in sustainable living.  Island Cooling has embraced these changes and provides innovative products that lessen our impact on the environment.

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HEED demonstrated that (whole house) fans were one of the most important features for improving indoor comfort. It also allowed the architects to demonstrate that whole house fans introduced natural cooling at extremely economical costs (it costs just $36 per year to run this whole house fan). 

Using HEED’s graphic plots, the architects were able to make a convincing argument that more than any other feature, whole house fans would help keep indoor air temperatures comfortable during the hottest months of the year.”

Home Energy Efficiency Design



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