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Maui Fair Warms Up To Natural Cooling Options

Ahh the MauiFair, greeting us once again.. Friends and families gathering this weekend to celebrate the wonderful community that Maui has to offer. As you and your loved ones parade in the Kahului sunshine, don’t forget to come cool off at the Island Cooling booth (see photo below) in the Product & Services tent at the Maui County Fair. Discover how you can take refreshing Maui breeze right into your Maui home using the Whole House Fan from Island Cooling.

All weekend, we will be joining along in the festivities as we hangout and show the people of Maui the best way to stay cool, the QuietCool Fan. Running for pennies a day, the Whole House Fan creates a cool refreshing breeze in your home by pulling in the cool outside air, into the inside of your home.  Not only that the fan flushes the stagnant, oven baked air out of your attic, and evacuates unwanted smells all at the same time.

While learning about this truly life changing fan, give it a try and see for yourself! This weekend we will be showing the whole house fan in action, so you and your family can really feel what it’s like and how it works.

Ask for Ivan and Joe at Island Cooling, give us a call if you need directions or have questions about Maui Natural Cooling!

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