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Introducing To Hawaii: The First Smart Attic Fan

Avoiding a hot home is a year round challenge for Hawaii residents, but in August and September it usually moves to the top of most people’s to-do lists. Fortunately there are experts who specialize in energy efficient ways to cool the home that fit with our local homes and lifestyles.

Hawaii Island Cooling introducing Attic Fans

Al, Ivan and Joe prepare for the Summer Building Expo

Ivan and Al Whitworth are two of those experts. Their company, Island Cooling LLC, specializes in products that cool island homes and complement Hawaii living. Over the last ten years they have distributed over 3500 QuietCool whole house fan systems in homes from Hilo to Hanalei.

New Solution

I met up with Al Whitworth as he prepares for the Building Industry Association Hawaii’s New Summer Home Show to ask about the latest product in energy efficient home cooling.

“Meet the first Smart Attic Fan, or what we call AFG Smart 3.0 ($289) from QuietCool,” Al Whitworth says. “This product is the first of its kind with a built in thermostat and humidistat, meaning there is no need to install separate controls.”

Sounds like a solid argument to me. The Smart Attic Fan provides cost efficient attic ventilation without a hole in the roof. Because they are powered, they ventilate any time when needed, without regard to where the sun is. What makes it smart however, is the built in thermostat and humidistat. Add to that the self selecting 10 speed motor which means that if your attic reaches humidity and/or temperature levels, no matter the time of day or night, the Smart Fan will find the right setting for your attic.

How Does It Work?

So does the house need to have a gable vent for the smart fan to work? “Yes, many homes do have gable vents, but not all,” explains Al. “For a home owner with a 16″ or larger gable vent in their attic who’s looking for an easy do-it-yourself way to remove heat from their attic or crawl space, all they have to do is secure the fan and then plug it in.”

smart attic fan - hawaii

AFGES SMT3.0 – $289

While QuietCool fans have always been popular projects for home-owners, the wiring aspect may have put some off. QuietCool has released a related product that do-it-yourselfers have been asking for; the first Wi-Fi enabled controller ($199) for the QuietCool line of fans. The hub is mounted directly to the fan with a smart phone Ap allowing the home owner to control their QuietCool from their phone and tablets. Available for Iphone and Android.


Al and Ivan Whitworth will be be at the BIA New Summer Home Show held at the Blaisedell Convention Center, August 11th-13th, 2017 to demonstrate the Smart Attic Fan, WiFi hub and other cooling products and solutions.


If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to call or email Al or Ivan Whitworth who provide friendly and informative customer service (808)672-2300 [email protected]

~Naim Ferguson

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