Hawaii Energy Offers Double Rebate for Whole House Fans

By now,  folks know that QuietCool systems increase comfort, bring in fresh air and are VERY cost effective to run.  And if people needed another reason to add QuietCool to their homes before the start of summer, Hawaii Energy just gave them one by doubling the rebate for whole house fans from $75 to $150 per unit!.

Making energy savings accessible and affordable for island families has never been more important than it is today,” said Brian Kealoha, executive director at Hawai?i Energy. “On average, Hawai’i residents experience an 18% percent increase in energy usage during the summer months (vs. non summer months)

How efficient are QuietCool?  A central sized Stealth4.8 system uses only about 20% of the energy of split unit A/C.  And a room sized Stealth1.5 unit uses about 66 watts of energy or less than 10% of the energy of a window A/C!

Hawaii Energy also doubled the rebate for solar attic fans, so homeowners with an out-of-date or non functional solar attic fan should consider upgrading to a QuietCool solar attic fan with hybrid capability and an industry leading 40Watt solar panel.


Mahalo Hawaii Energy!

For more details go to Hawaii Energy.com

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