Small Fans Provide Big Savings to Hawaii Homeowners

Kaneohe, Hawaii –Island Cooling is excited to announce the addition of the Quiet Cool™ energy-efficient Whole House Fan.

“Quiet Cool’s whole house fans are a great way to use Hawaii’s naturally cool air for home cooling needs,” said Al Whitworth of Island Cooling.   “These fans are quiet and very energy efficient, they cost only pennies per hour to run. –Plus, the smaller size is great for people looking to cool a specific area of their home, like a bedroom or office”.

The Quiet Cool™ system includes an insulated flexible duct to move the fan up to six feet away from the ceiling grill.  This patented innovation leads to the industry’s quietest operation (0.4-1 Sone) and allows for installation in spaces that are inaccessible to traditional whole house fans.

“Whole House Fans give home-owners a money saving & energy efficient option that allows them to avoid using the air conditioner,” said Ivan Whitworth of Island Cooling.   “This system cools the home by pushing the trapped hot air out of attic vents and drawing fresh cool air through the windows.  Within minutes, it’s just as cool in the home as it is on the Lanai.”

About the manufacturer:   Quiet Cool™ fans are manufactured in the USA, have sound ratings from 0.4-1 Sone and are available in 1500CFM-4800CFM sizes. 10yr Warranty, prices starting at $699.00.  Energy consumption estimated at less then $0.05 per hour.

Available Fans (shipping included) from the Quiet Cool Line are:

  • QC-1500  $699
  • QC-2250  $899
  • QC-3200  $1249
  • QC-4500  $1549

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s #1 distributor of energy efficient Whole House Fans, and is a green supplier of the Hawaii Building Industry’s New Hawaiian Home, the energy efficient model home. Find out more by calling 808-672-2300, or go to

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