Hawaii Energy Announces Rebates for Whole House Fans

Hawaii Energy Logo Ray Starling, Program Manager of Hawaii Energy, announced that rebates would be offered for Whole House Fans.  Mr. Starling made the surprise announcement while a guest on SolarGuy Radio 1080 AM, during the morning program hosted by SolarGuy Jeff Davis.

Saturday’s program was on the theme of energy conservation and taking steps to meet Hawaii’s goal of becoming 70% more energy efficient by 2030.   Al Whitworth, of Island Cooling, was on-air  explaining how a Whole House Fan keeps the home cool, reducing the need for energy hogging chilled air.  Mr. Starling interjected that he and his staff had included these fans in the new rebate programs scheduled to roll out soon.

“Island Cooling is thrilled to hear that rebates are soon available for Whole House Fans”, said Whitworth.  “The Whole House Fan is a very efficient way to use natural air to cool the home.   This program will raise awareness of the Whole House Fan and help us meet Hawaii’s energy conservation goals.   Island Cooling appreciates the people at Hawaii Energy for their hard work, and extends a big Mahalo to our many Customers who have been references on the effectiveness of their Whole House Fans.”


EDIT 2013:  The Hawaii Energy Whole House Fan Rebate has been extended!  Find details at Hawaii Energy Rebates.

Island Cooling LLC is the Hawaii resource for energy efficient cooling solutions.  The Whole House Fan draws cool natural air through the living space of a home and pushes hot air out the attic.  Solar Guard Reflective Insulation reflects 93% of solar energy and can cool the attic by up to 40 degrees.   Contact Island Cooling: (808) 672-2300  www.Island Cooling.com

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