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New Product Announcement: Air Purifiers Arrive in Hawaii

Contact: Al Whitworth (808)223-5577 | Island Cooling , Kailua, Oahu Hawaii

Island Cooling: Eco Conscious Cooling and Air Quality  in Hawaii

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Island Cooling Offers portable PCO purifiers to filter VOG from Island Air

Island Cooling is proud to announce a new addition to their product offering, The Trio Portable by Field Controls. The most advanced portable air purifier available and the only one with a photo catalytic converter, the Trio portable uses types of purification, including photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to neutralize volcanic and other organic gases as well as filtering dust and mold.

Al and Ivan whitworth of Island Cooling Hawaii“We enjoy some of the best air quality in the world”, Says Al Whitworth of Island Cooling, “but there are exceptions, including folks who are in agricultural areas, close to urban corridors, Kona Days or New Year’s Day. The Trio Pro is a guaranteed way to purify the air in our homes for Keiki and Kupuna.”

“What makes this system unique is that it filters not only dust and pollen, but also addresses mold with a UV lamp and a photo catalytic converter that targets volcanic gas that’s too small to be trapped by filters”

The Trio Portable includes features found in clean rooms and high-tech environments. It includes two-stage charcoal filtration to remove smoke and odors and a high efficiency MERV 11 filter to remove dust, dander and pollen. Retail Price for the Trio Pure Air is $1050.00 and available now online or in person from Island Cooling .com

A powerful UVC germicidal lamp does double duty, deactivating bacteria, mold, viruses, and fungi and activating a patented titanium honeycomb grid called a PRO-Cell that uses photocatalytic oxidation to destroy VOCs, odors, and smoke.

The Trio Portable also includes state-of-the-art VOC and particle sensors that adjust the fan speed based on environmental changes.
Al Whitworth continues, “As Hawaii’s leading provider of whole house fan cooling systems, we are excited to offer a product that will increase the quality of air in our homes and our enjoyment of our natural island climate”.

The Trio Pure Air will be on display at this week’s BIA Remodel Expo in Oahu – Hawaii

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s resource for Quiet Coolwhole house fan systems, Eshield™ radiant barrier insulation and the Trio Portable Air Purification™ with a photo catalytic converter to neutralize volcanic and other organic gases as well as filtering dust and mold. More info on BIA Expo here

For more information visit www.islandcooling.com, or call (808) 672-2300 to talk with Island Cooling’s certified green professionals.

Air Purifiers Hawaii

See our Hawaii Air Quality Map below to see the current state of air quality in Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii Island. Data courtesy of Hawaii Department of Health – Environmental Health.

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