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Whole house fans are the most energy efficient cooling systems available. Many Hawaii homeowners are able to minimize, or eliminate A/C usage during all but the hottest days. This allows homeowners to recapture their investment quicker than many other energy efficiency products.

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A QuietCool whole house fan system exchanges the volume of air inside your home 15-20 times per hour. This continuous circulation of air reduces heat build up, cooling the home to the temperature of the ambient outside air. In warmer homes the system can cool the inside living space by 20 degrees or more and the attic by 30 degrees or greater.

With a Natural Cooling system you can exhaust your home of cooking, pet and other odors. –Enjoy a healthier, odor free environment as a added benefit to cooling and ventilation.


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QuietCool whole house fans are the quietest systems available with sound levels that vary from 43dB (decibels) to 57dB depending on the size of the system. For comparison, this is similar to a normal oscillating fan on low or high. While these sound levels are considered very quiet, not all systems are appropriate for installation in all areas. (You wouldn’t want to put a larger unit in a bedroom).

Also, since many Hawaii homes lack insulation, it’s important to talk with a consultant who can help you to determine the correct system for your home.

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cooling systems installed, from Hilo to Hanalei!

Local service with Aloha! Island Cooling is a family business with multiple generations in Hawaii. We are committed to the long term and have over 3000 installed systems and almost a decade of service.

In addition, our QuietCool systems are manufactured in southern California, USA in QC Manufacturing’s 43,000 square foot plant. With our close relationship with manufacturing, we can insure a high quality product.

Standard 10 Year Warranty

QuietCool whole house fans are backed by a standard 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Industry Leading 15 Year Warranty

QuietCool StealthPro and Trident Pro whole house fans are backed by an industry-leading 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Backed with data

If you are the research type, we strongly encourage you to look up the science behind QuietCool and Whole House Fans.