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Green collar economy blog in Hawaii. How to go green and save money.

Island Cooling featured on KHON2 Morning Show

Ivan Whitworth from Island Cooling was featured on the August 12 edition of the KHON2 Morning Show to promote the New Hawaiian Home and Hawaii Building Industry Association’s (BIA) Remodel it Right Show.   Ivan and Karen Nakamura, CEO of the BIA spoke about efforts to promote technologies and home features that contribute to a sustainable home specifically designed to take into account Hawaii’s
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Island Cooling selected to participate in the New Hawaiian Home

Island Cooling participated in the New Hawaiian Home hosted by the Hawaii Building Industry Association.  Architect Daniel Sandomire created the concept to ” use a real life project to demonstrate and showcase how the six major areas of true sustainable buildings are implemented into a home for a real family.” Island Cooling’s Whole House fan is an energy efficient way to cool the home
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Solar Guard helps Model Home Stay Cool

Hawaii Home + Remodeling features a story in their July issue on a  Kailua home remodeled by Barker Kapelle Construction.       “The addition of SolarGuard radiant barriers in between the rafters, from Island Cooling, makes the home cooler, more comfortable and more energy-efficient.”  Brett Kappelle chose Solar Guard for this project for its superior ability to prevent radiant heat (solar heat) build up
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Maui Contractors Show

See the Whole House Fan in action June 25 &  26 at the Maui Contractors Show at Balwin Highschool.  Come down to the show to receive a $100 off of any size fan & shutter and a free upgrade to the 12 hour digital timer!

Cool Classrooms

In the coming year, we are really excited to start a new initiative; Cool Classrooms. It came about after speaking with teachers about a problem all to familiar for those of us raised here; hot classrooms.   Whole House Fans costs pennies to run and can be installed affordably in most any classroom.   We are setting aside contributions and are hoping to providing the products free of charge
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How to install Solar Guard Insulation

SolarGuard Reflective Insulation R-value: 11.6 heat flow down R-value: 8.3 heat flow up Enhances Rvalue and performance of existing mass insulation. Attic heat begins with radiant heat from the sun. Radiant heat gets the ball rolling by heating the air inside the attic space. Next convection occurs as hotter air rises and cooler air sinks. As the air and contents of the attic become
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Weatherization: Saving Money by Saving Energy

I’ve always been a bit of an energy efficiency nut. I’ve made it my mission to cut the utility bills at every home we’ve owned. Long before I learned about the risks of climate change, I was fanatical about energy efficiency because I’m cheap. Whenever my wife and I move into a new home, I check the attic for adequate insulation. I look for
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Maui Open House – See the Fan in Action

If you live on Maui we have an exciting opportunity for you! We will be hosting an open house where you can experience  a real world demonstation of the whole house fan. The open house is this Sunday, October 25th, you are welcome to come by 10am – 12pm and 2pm-5pm. Please email info@islandcooling.com or call us for directions. Aloha!

Hawaii Home and Remodeling

Island Cooling featured on Hawaii Home and Remodeling: Passive cooling Technologies or designs used to cool a space without power consumption. Examples of passive cooling include reducing the amount of heat that enters your home and removing heat with ventilation. The following are simple ideas for staying cool this summer. Because passive cooling requires little to no electricity, you can sit back and relax—you’re
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A Closer Look at the Whole House Fan

A video introduction to the whole house fan. You can see the fan up close while also getting an idea on how to install.