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A Closer Look at the Whole House Fan

A video introduction to the whole house fan. You can see the fan up close while also getting an idea on how to install.



  • Ruthie Resh

    Is it possible to install this fan if you have no attic? Ours is a single story open beam ceiling.

    Any idea on how much it might cost to install? This sounds so great…our house is SO HOT sometimes that we kind of feel sick from the heat!! Not good.

    Aloha nui, Ruthie

    • admin

      A Whole House Fan generally needs an attic with at least 24 inches of clearance for installation. For open beam homes Quiet Cool has a wall mounted fan that is installed through a wall of the home to exhaust heat.
      Edit: 2013 for GX fan reference

  • K Reynolds

    Can you vertically mount the fan close to the top point of the end of a tall “A” shaped open beam ceiling? Does it need to be at or near the highest point?

    • admin

      As above, the GX fan can be mounted at the Apex of a home’s roof. –How high it could be installed would depend on the construction of the specific home. Many homes have an elevated ceiling area that is adjacent to an attic. If so the Stealth Model fans have their dampers (doors that open and close to control airflow) mounted in the attic. This means that ceiling box and grill can be mounted on an attic wall to a high ceiling area. Low res image of wall mounted Whole House Fan
      Edit: Updated 2013 for Stealth Fan reference.

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